Ornithology has moulted!
Wrongly referred to as an out-dated hobby of elderly people, 
ornithology nowadays is a vibrant research field connecting global-thinking scholars from all branches of science.
Spread your wings and  witness next-generation ornithology during the
Fledgelings Meeting 2018!

26 - 28. 10. 2018

The meeting is targeted at early career researchers (so ‘young’ in career terms rather than years!), in particular students (Bachelor, Master and PhD) and those who have completed their PhD within the last five years. 
The goals of the meeting are to provide a forum for discussion of ongoing research, and for early-career researchers to enhance their network by meeting with peers in a relaxed and informal setting. 
We would, however, welcome anyone with an interest in ornithology, although the programme of presentations, apart from the plenaries, will be specifically for early career researchers to present and discuss their work.